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Explore Istria

"In Istria salus et sanitas - sed etiam gaudium..."
(In Istria one finds well being and health,  as well as joy ...)

Authenticated Roman saying

Istria is one of the regions in Europe with the longest duration of sunshine.

The prevailing climate is typically Mediterranean with hot summers and mild winters. Woods extend to the seashore, the sea is clean and clear, the beaches are mostly untouched and the flora and fauna are unique. 

Pula is Istria’s unofficial capital and cultural centre (see  

The main symbol for Pula is the huge well-preserved amphitheatre dating back to the Roman Empire. 

Other sights belonging to this era are the Triumphal Arch of Sergier and the Temple of Augustus. Walking through the centre of Pula feels like travelling back in time. Dante Alighieri’s in his Divine Comedy also mentions Pula.


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