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Town with a rich cultural heritage

The tip of Istria as it is popularly called belongs to one of the most tourist towns of the peninsula and one of the twenty most famous tourist destinations on the Croatian Adriatic - Medulin.

Town with a rich cultural heritage and recognizable church with two belfries rising above the town,

Like many Istrian towns, Medulin also dates back to ancient times; along the coast there are remains from the Roman period. Medulin was, in written form, mentioned for the first time in 1150 under various names: Mutiliano, Metilino, Mutilla…

Today Medulin develops and lives strictly by the tourist “recipe”, which is best reflected in its accommodation capacity of nearly 5,000 beds. Besides private accommodation the Medulin Riviera offers well-equipped hotels with facilities that attract guest all year round


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